8 January 2013

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My testimony

When I was eighteen years old, I felt something was missing but I did not pay it attention for a long time. Well in 2006, I finally figure it out I need a chance. I was doing thing I was not proud of and even one of them made me grandmother feel bad for me. My great uncles and my grandfather on my mom’s side was preacher.

In 2006, I was talking to Laura one night about my grandmother, how I wish I could do more for her. That night I did not know Jesus I have heard people talking about Him and my grandmother try to help me but I did not listen for a while. Bill Abernathy was standing on the other side where I did not see him now and he heard what I had said. Well couple of months later I was talking to Laura and her parents about what I decide to do. One of her parents said that I should talked to Mack, so on December 16th 2006 after the Christmas play Me and Mack went to his office. I started telling about why I want to change and what my grandmother meant to me. I was asking him what version of the Bible should I get, he got up so I keep talking to him. When I look up, he gave me the NIV that I still use.

Fast forward, to May 2007 my grandmother went to be with the Lord. I said over her grave that I would see her one day.
November 11th 2007 I was baptized at Dunwoody Baptist Church. Now I got Laura to start to read again.
I have learned so much already but I know I am just starting on this journey. Every day I am learning something new.

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